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Stampz all the wai! :D

.::.sTamp.::. by cicuskamarichu:heart:
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Oh lookie, I was tagged!

Tue Jan 13, 2015, 12:30 PM

Meh, I was tagged by Silvernish
'been some time since my last meme, right?

1. No tag backs.
2. You must answer the questions.
3. Tag 10 people.
4. Give 10 questions back.

Questions from Silvernish
1. Tell me about your OTP(s) *sits ready for the feels*
Well, I do have many around from TV series, books, movies, etc. but one of my main ones, the OTP that still means a lot to me is probably 10XRose. Yeah, the Tenth Doctor has been the first one I've seen, I still remember, I was zapping around the channels and stopped when I saw these two smiling at each others outside in the snow and smiling. I immediatly liked them, I knew something was going on between the two and I wanted to know more. I've began watching the show and I got really attached to them. That first episode was the Christmas Special, when the 9th Doctor had just regenerated into the 10th. 10 has been my first Doctor and he still is my favourite, Rose too is a nice companion, even though I've really liked Donna and Amy&Rory the same as well. Rose's life was ordinary, she was an ordinary girl, got an ordinary job, a mother, she didn't look happy with her life and meeting the Doctor gave her a chance to escape from that world and go adventuring, kinda like taking a sabbatic year after school xD she needed that and the Doctor needed something like her after all that had happened. She spent a little time with 9 but got to know 10 better, they bonded even more, they both grew. Rose needed the Doctor as the Doctor needed her.
Rose, she was his Rose.
I mean, he burned up a sun just to say goodbye to her!
They're just perfection to me :heart:

2. The last book you read.
The Kingdoms of Nashira III: The Sacrifice-Licia Troisi

3. Favourite character(s) of that same book.
Oh gods, where can I start...I really like one of the two main characters from the book, Saiph, born as a slave, his destiny brought him to become the messiah of his kind, to fight the race of her "master", the dominant one. He grew so much from the first book and I've liked how he knew many things about surviving, thanks to his slave life, he learnt tricks and gained skills. I really can't wait for the fourth book, since quite some shocking things happened in the third one and I really really like to know how this story will end. I do also like another character, the enigmatic one of the story, Verba, the immortal one. In the second and third book, slowly, a little step after another, thanks to Saiph, he is able to remember his story and origins and it was really sad to see everything that he had gone trough, considering that he's millions of years old and that he had to watch changings, disasters, new civilizations, the end of them, the growth of others all in solitude, all by his own. Verba was introduced as rude and cold but, after you got to know him better, you can see the amazing character that he is and especially, how much he had to suffer...

4. Why do you draw? What motivates you?
As far as I can remember, I've always drawn, to be more specific, I've always drawn animals. It's something I feel like I can do, something I'm good at. You know, after a drawing that came out rather good, I look at it and think that this came out my pencil and my hand, I may not be good at maths, at doing some sports but I am good at doing this. I am full of imagination and, by drawing, I can do some good use of it, besides, drawing is fun (when you don't have a block lol), why should I stop if I like it? It also is a very good way to express feelings when you're down or when you're happy, or to let somebody know something, a gift, some games with your friends!

5. I still have more 5 questions to make and I have no idea what to you like burning candles?
I sure do! : D I do like the ones made to get a room smell nice, I have one bought at Ikea just here, under my screen, that smells like cream ice cream! : D

6. Ever tried Portuguese food?
Not yet, even though I tend to avoid "new" foods because of the problems with my bowels and I sure do not want to make them more intense by going to eat something that might make me feel sick, I've only eaten sushi twice and the idea of raw fish isn't so appealing, same with chinese, even if it's all cooked.

7. Do you like to sculpt?
I've never tried it and I doubt I would make something good, considering that I was never taught how to sculpt and I have no sculpting skills! xD

8. Raccoons or Foxes?
EEEEE can I say both? ;w;

9. I am Groot?
That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg.

10. If you dye your hair now what colour would it be?
I like my hair the way they are but...maybe some blue streaks? xP



My Questions
1. Do you play any games in your cellphone or tablet? If yes, which games? I'm talking about games such as Angry Birds
2. Do you usually go straight to bed or do you go to bed and then, all comfortable, you, for example, read a book?
3. It's deep night and you go downstairs for a glass of water, what'd be your reaction if, once turned on the light, you'd find out this thing standing in front of you with this smily expression?…
4. What do you think you're good at?
5. Do you have any plans for the future? If yes, care to tell us?
6. Are you a rather healthy person or you need to take some kind of medicine?
7. What do you think of your pet(s)?
8. Are you satisfied with your life or would you be able to jump inside a book and live your own adventure there?
9. Do you have a stuffed animal you're really close to?
10. Do you have something that makes you happy?


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