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July 9, 2011
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Chernobyl Curs: Hamlet by Saske-Italian-Wolf Chernobyl Curs: Hamlet by Saske-Italian-Wolf
My application for :iconchernobyl-curs: , there is the fighting character, Hamlet and the supporting character, Aderyn.

Even if they won't enter the group or loose/die, I think I'll use them for something else because I'm very satisfied of how they came out.

Name: Hamlet (meaning 'home' tho, he doesn't really care about it)
Breed Base: Appenzeller Sennenhund
Age: he's probably around 3 and half years old
Gender: male, not neutered
Weight/Height: 25 kg/59 cm (72 pounds/23 inches)
Abilities: frontal paws are bigger than average Appenzell hounds and, thanks to his strong shoulders, he is able to jump on his opponent and slam it on the ground; the impact of his paws against the opponent's body can break some fragole bones such as ribs, tail or toes, we can say that he's surely powerful for his breed and size and nobody expect this from his so, when he's using this ability, he usually leave the opponent rather shocked.
:bulletwhite:Strong shoulders and big paws, which gives him a powerful way to pin/knock down the opponent;
:bulletwhite:He's able to jump around, more than a border collie can do, and, usually, he uses the 'jumping around' to confuse his opponent, tho this is very rare;
:bulletwhite: Thich fur around his neck makes harder to bite the skin under it and the leather spiked collar is there for this reason too;
:bulletwhite: Being a herding breed makes him able to not be tired very easilly, infact he is an athlet, never tired;

:bulletblack:Although the frontal paws and shoulders are strong, the hind legs are smaller and, if he would ever kick someone in a 'mule/horse' way, the kick wouldn't be very powerful;
:bulletblack:Due to a puppy illness, he is not able to hear very well whisperings or low noises, so, if someone is behind him and wants to take him from the back, he probably won't notice it;
:bulletblack:The only part of his body with thick, fluffy fur is his neck but all the rest of the body has a very short fur, like his belly, which is very vulnerable, when he's jumping or in a position that show his belly, if the opponent is able to bite him there, it will surely do a bad damage;
:bulletblack: while fighting, sometimes, something happens (unknown reasons) and he's not confident anymore and gets panic ttacks, he has sweatings, palpitations and a short breathe, he freezes and is very vulnerable he has to stop and concentrate before starting to fight again because, during these moments, he usually fail at hitting the target he has to hit, like an opponent and, of course, during these moments he get immobilyzed and the opponent has an easy way to wound him.

Personality: Hamlet likes to joke, he is always positive and tries to cheer up who he can, he doesn't like to see the negative way of things, he says that life is too short to see the bad of it, it's better to enjoy the time that we're spending on earth than complaining about their problems; one thing that makes him unnaturally mad is the whispering or talking with a low level of voice, since he's not able to hear under a specific low level tone, he doesn't like to see that who's near him whispers, he's not able to understand it and so, he takes every whisper as an insult to him and becomes aggressive; he's also very protective towards Aderyn, he gets jelous if other dogs are around her but tries to hide it because, in her presence, he always wants to be with a smile on his face because he doesn't want to see her sad, he would give his life if it was to protect her; one positive star about him is his loyality and this is shown, like it was mentioned before, with Aderyn.

History: Hamlet doesn't remember to ever have a family or some siblings, he had always lived on his own and survived because, with his poofy puppy look, he was a pity scene and someone gave him some pieces of foods, expecially females. The young dog whished for a better life but noticed that there was always someone in a worse condition than him, starving, half dead, and so, he tried to never whine or complain, if he was surviving, it meant that someone wanted him alive, the fate, the destiny, an unknown god. He was learning to hunt a little mouse, a bird, something to eat and, of course, it was necessary to not make a sound. Everyday he became better but, during late Autumn, at the beginning of Winter, after a wet day spent outside, he felt sick and his ears were burning. He didn't remember how many days he had stayed inside a hole, waiting for the illness to go away. He was starving. And he couldn't hear a thing. The deafness shocked him and drove him nearly to a nervous collapse, a deaf world wasn't for him. He went outside the hole and, fortunately, day after day, some sounds and noises started to reach his ears. He wasn't deaf anymore but kind of, his ears weren't able to hear many low noises and sounds. He had to adapt to this 'handicap' but survived. While wandering around he found a small pup near an abandoned built, a little female whom he named Aderyn. The two grew up together and became inseparable. The reason of his partecipation to the tournament is that he wants to win to have a better life for him and Aderyn in the city.

Likes: hearing noises, Aderyn, being able to complete a task by his own, fresh water, seeing that someone shares his 'half-full glass' ideas.
Dislikes: whispers, being deaf again for ever, humid days, Autumn, being alone if in need of help, not being able to do something by himself that may disappoint Aderyn, silent places (like a snowy place).
-We can say that the frontal parts of his body are the strongest (nuck, shoulders, front legs) while the hind legs doesn't match the strongness of the frontal legs, it's a bit weird but he has survived and developed a special ability because of this.
-A problem about him is that he suffers of panic attacks. These panic diseases doesn't have a known origin but he had probably developed them in the period that he was deaf; he gets a short breath, high palpitations, sweating and a feeling of death.


Name: Aderyn (meaning 'bird' )
Breed Base: 1/2 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriver 1/2 Perdiguero Portugues
Age: younger than Hamlet, 2 years old
Gender: female
Weight/Height: 17 kg/52 cm (45 pounds/20 inches)

Personality: very shy, she gets easilly scared and probably wouldn't survive on her own without Hamlet, there's nothing more really to say about her, she really adores Hamlet and often worries for him, she had learnt to not whisper and, in case of low noises, she immediatly tells Hamlet what does she hear, in case to stay ready if there is an enemy around or a potential prey to get; she's really sweet and loves to see Hamlet's smile,; she often tries to be brave because she doesn't want to make Hamlet embarassed because of her being scared of everything.

History: nothing is known about where she came from or why she was in front of an abandoned built when Hamlet found her, all she knows is that she had always lived with Hamlet. She didn't understand at first why he used to get really mad when she whispered during the night and, when he told her about his ears problems, she didn't funny understand but, as time passed, she noticed that what he said was true and decided to help him. She is very worried about him entering in the tournament because she doesn't want him to get hurt, she thinks that his ears are already enough for him.

Likes: Spring, having a safe place to stay, finding food, being with Hamlet, barking when there's nobody around her, just to make some noise to try to send her fears away.
Dislikes: seeing Hamelt's mad, being wet, walking under the rain, grey buldings.
Other: she talks in her sleep.

*phew* it's almost midnight, it's better if I go to bed now xD

everything (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
texture (c) :iconflinkle: [link]
and a special thanks to :iconalonewolf009: for helping me with the names :heart:
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